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The Yoni Steam helps to alleviate pain from menstruation, it also aids in balancing your hormones, treating hemorrhoids, boosting a low libiddo, post partum conditions, vaginal infection prevention, maintaining healthy odor, and much more. 


This is great for any woman in helping to relax and restore the womb. 

Yoni Steams

  • 1. Rip seal off package

    2. Pour half of the bags contents into a pot of boiling water.

    3. Wait until the water changes color and comes to a boil.

    4. Pour the contents into a bowl.

    5. Put the bowl into the toilet. 

    6. Sit down over the bowl in the toilet until water stops steaming.

    7. Feel free to add more hot water. :)

    (Alternative steps for hip bath)

    4.  Fill tub to your hips (When sitting in the water)

    5. Remove the herbs from the water.

    6. Pour the water into your hip bath.

    7. Sit in the water untill water cools.

    8. Feel free to add more hot water.

  • Artemisia, Leonurus, Flowers Carthami, Lavender, Peach Kernel, Rose, Ginger, Caesalpinia Sappan Linn

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