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Tightens & Cleanses

Eliminates BV & Odor

Improves Elasticity

Enhances Sexual Sensation

Enhances Lubrication

Eliminates Toxins

Safe & Gentle.

Vaginal Tightening Wand

  • 1- For first time usage, wet the wand", Cleanse the vaginal area and make it dry,

    2:-Relax and make yourself comfortable. Slowly insert 3 /4 of the length of the wand into the vagina.

    3- Insert and then gently move the wand in a circular motion to engage the vaginal muscles for between 10-30 seconds. Move the wand left and right as you SLOWLY drag it out of the vagina. Don't rush.

    4-Clean the tightening wand with paper or towel  (do not wash it with water, this is handmade product) after every use and let it dry . Keep dry when not in use. Discard after using for 3 months.

    5- For smooth insertion, always wet the vagina tightening stick before inserting into the vagina.

    6-For vaginal tightening insert the wand into the vagina 20 minutes before making love.

    7- Move it around (left and right) in the vagina for about 10-30 seconds before withdrawing it SLOWLY.

    8-Do not leave the vagina tightening stick inside the vagina for more than 1 minute it could cause the vaginal muscles to get too tight.

  • Pearl Powder, Honeysuckle Flower, Terminalia Tree. Madura Grassroot Extract, Epimedium Extract, 

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